(2015 September)
The last tour of the singer Joan Manuel Serrat is called Destroyed Anthology. I sat on the edge of that river, the flow of water was calm. Leaves floated pampered by the current. On the other shore, a rainbow of colors formed the various tones of the leaves of the trees and vegetation. Everything seemed messy and calm at the same time. A very peculiar feeling.
I asked myself: can the apparent disorder generate peace? Or is the obsessive desire for order the one that can break it?
The human being broke a long time ago. Withdrawing support from others may be your right. The fact is if you have asked for support and if you give it freely you can withdraw it whenever you want, it is your right and even has its logic. You will withdraw something that you have given but that you have previously requested.
The matter changes slightly in angle when you say to withdraw your support to someone who has never asked for it and you plan it first in your head and then execute it in most cases boasting that you can do it and have done it. Do not forget, before bragging about your own excuse, which you call “withdrawing my support” that perhaps nobody ever asked you to, and maybe whoever supported you is just the one you say you want to withdraw it. In other words, the situation is actually the reverse.
I always remember how some people said that they protected SENSEI as bodyguards. I always knew that it was SENSEI who protected them.
The subject of study in the German seminar was the kuzushi, the imbalance. In reality it is always a subject of study. SENSEI already told us some time ago to be able to do things for yourselves, do not rely too much on me; Maybe I can move slightly and lose the point of support.
Investigate and study, is what he was requesting. Investigate and study in various fields so that they learn to become unbalanced as well as to balance. My opinion is that it is essential for the Martial Artist of the Bujinkan to investigate, experiment and study widely and in the possible fields, each according to their own conditions. Knowing how to appreciate the forbidden space of others, one’s own space and space. In that space there must be a great gap for silence, because from it comes the sound of the heart beating itself that gives you the strength to be present even in the distance and return to the point where the human being had not broken, the origin. YOURSELF.
September 21, 2015

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I wrote a few words so that one of my most loyal disciples, the shihan FranK Tortosa could read during the dinner – meeting of the event.

I started writing: “One of the objectives of the practice is to open ourselves to the encounter of that sensitivity that allows us from within, inside and inside”.

The training sessions in Sesimbra (Portugal) were exceptional. The passion, the illusion, the commitment and the affection of all the participants paid off in each action.

And I kept writing: “make our interior a faithful space where we are able to let go of everything and start over again”

The shihan Bruno is a phenomenal host, always willing and respectful. Prioritizing priority and importance to what matters. Seduced all the participants with their hospitality in perfect harmony with that of their group of students. He amply demonstrated his host skills paying careful attention to all the details.

With the presence of Mr. Mayor de Sesimbra, Mr. Francisco Jesús and some other authorities, the international congress of martial arts Bujinkan Dojo was inaugurated in Portugal with the presence of members from different countries. This happened on Friday, May 18 at 7:00 p.m.

A few words from the mayor in full consonance with the essential principles of the Bujinkan. “The Bujinkan is not just a sport, it is a way of life, a way of life …” said the mayor.

I took advantage of that moment to give Bruno a parchment, from my private collection, dated before 1945 in Japan with a beautiful painting by Kannon (Deity of Mercy).

I continued writing: “in the practice that segregates luminosity, the meeting of compatibilities is crucial. Training in incompatibilities is the return to a place, a space without return … ”

Three days of training, actions, reactions, movements, “techniques”. Several utensils clinging to the manifest principles of sensitivity.

New graduates, 4 first danes, 2 tenth danes and 3 fifth danes from Portugal and Spain. A luxury of joy and happiness and a lot of good work done by their teachers during years of sacrifice and effort.

I continued writing: “In that place begins our path that is sponsored by training and that training is a direct guide to satori (spiritual awakening) when it is not distorted by the labyrinths of distractions.

Before finalizing this text I want to show my gratitude to Bruno and his team for the work done, to the teachers of Portugal Ricardo Lavado and Joao Ventosa for their work of years in the teaching of martial arts.

To all the participants for the effort made.

And finally dedicate this Taikai to my father, Domingo Fleitas Ceballos who died on May 5, 2018. Rest in Peace Father and enjoy your rest in sacred land.

Pedro Fleitas González


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